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  • Our very first blog post (it's about time...)

    Our very first blog post (it's about time...)

March 02, 2016

Why did we start a blog ?

Since the first day of Désirables' odyssey, one of our main goal was to give you more information about sexual wellness and intimacy in order to build better relationships. That's why we decided to do things a bit differently from our competitors, and created a "booklet" that comes with our porcelain products. It's a good start, but we know we could definitely do more! We want to be able to give you even more detailed information and we want to do it more frequently. We think that the best way to do that is by having an active and relevant blog.

I'll be honnest with you, starting a blog is as terrifying as starting a company.

We have been thinking about starting this blog for the last 2 years. We kept asking ourselves : does the information that we will provide will be useful and relevant to you ? We honestly can't be sure that it will be, you will have to be the judge of that. But we can promise you that we will put every touch of love in it, as we try do to with every Désirables product.


Our Goals for this Blog

  • Share useful information to improve your overall sexual wellness and intimacy
  • Make you discover products and companies that we think are perfect to help you achieve a better life
  • Give you quality content inspired from all the spheres that inspires us


Sexual Wellness is a Global Thing

We hope this will help us change the paradigms that we see in the sex toy industry today. Currently most people perceive sexuality as something that revolves around only genitalia.  We firmly believe that sexuality and sexual health concerns impact 3 major aspects of everyone`s life
Sexuality includes biological, emotional and psychological factors
  • Psychological, your state of mind concerning your body and sexuality 
  • Emotional,  the level of intimacy involving both yourself as an individual and with your partner
  • Biologicial, genitalia and erogenous zones

A New Subject Every Month

Simply put, we will (try to) talk about a new theme every month.  Each one will be carefully selected and inspired by the questions asked by you, our clients.  We have a challenge for you:  send us your questions or comments.  We will write about what is on your mind, our clients, over the next few months.
Let's begin this adventure,
Best regards,
- Isabelle




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