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Our (best) resolutions for the New Year

A new year often rhymes with resolutions. At Désirables, we wanted to take resolutions that improve both physical and mental wellbeing, while being super doable! That's why we have concocted a list of 7 resolutions along with some tips and tricks.


Resolution 1, take time for yourself by Désirables

Our first resolution is to take time for ourselves.
Silly resolution? Not at all! If each day you take a few minutes (or more) to focus on yourself, you will have more energy to give to others and to your daily tasks. Obviously, the definition of "taking time for yourself" can vary enormously from person to person. So, how will we do it? Take a bath from time to time (AKA water relaxation 😉 ), do short yoga sessions every week (we love Revolution Yoga! From the Youtube channel Yoga With Adriene) or cook a good meal for yourself (or have someone do it for you)!

For some, taking time for oneself could also mean: learning to delegate, reducing one's professional or family obligations, or going outside and doing activities!


Resolution 2, drink less coffee and more tea by Désirables

We also wish for 2017 (Resolution # 2) to reduce our consumption of coffee.
We are, indeed, all big coffee fans at Désirables (no wonder we have a Pinterest board dedicated to it!), but we know that it would be better for our system to reduce our daily intake. So, no more coffee after dinner, we will take a green or black tea instead! We really love Camellia Sinensis teas; A Montreal company that specializes in high quality teas. What also helps us to achieve our goal is to do it as a team, everyone takes tea instead of a coffee and it is more motivating. (Although, just talking about it makes me want to go get one at the local coffee shop ...)



Resolution 3, integrate aromatherapy in your everyday life by Désirables

For our third resolution, we wish to integrate aromatherapy into our everyday life (and we want you to do the same!).
Scents and fragrances are already an important part of the Désirables’ universe, because they make it possible to establish an intimate, relaxing or sensual atmosphere, depending on what you wish to achieve. And it is now time to integrate them more often in our everyday life! Aromatherapy can be used to reduce stress and insomnia (use lavender), revive concentration (use peppermint) or help with relaxation during a bath or massage (use Ylang-Ylang).
Tips for best results: use first quality essential oils (Coop Coco or Zayat Aroma) and follow the recommended instructions! In addition, if you are interested in massages, we have a blog post on How to choose the right massage oil for you.


Resolution 4, drink more water by Désirables

Resolution # 4: DRINK MORE WATER!
This is so important for our health and yet we often miss out on the recommended daily amount (about 1.5 L to 2 L per day). Here are some easy tips to help you drink more water every day. Leave a glass on your bedside table when going to bed and drink it the next morning. Have a reusable bottle of water with you during the day (we like Memobottle for their ultra thin bottles!). Use an application to get reminders; we use Hydro Coach and Plant Nanny (so cute 😍). Or jazz up your water by adding slices of lemons, cucumbers or ginger.



Resolution 5, set our goals based on emotions and personal achievements by Désirables

Our fifth resolution is related to goals.
We actually want to establish them based on emotions. What exactly does that mean? This method was popularized by author Danielle LaPorte, who developed the Desire Map and, it is simply the definition of one’s goals in different aspects of their life in terms of personal and/or emotional accomplishments. For example, in the Relationship and Society category, one goal might be to eliminate the toxic people in your life and to offer more time to people who are really there for you. In the Living and Learning category, you might want to read more before going to bed. A free worksheet is available here, if you want to try the Desire Map experience!


Resolution 6, read more books by Désirables

We would then also like to take the time to read more books.
We are all book lovers at Désirables, but sometimes we miss our personal dose. Read everything from adventure books, romances, suspense, biographies and encyclopedia! Personally, I love the Japanese author Haruki Murakami for his incredibly detailed books, the stories where reality touches fantastic and its philosophical metaphors. Our founder recommends Big Magic! By Elisabeth Gilbert, a book for everyone. Some easy tricks to read more often: in public transport close your cell phone and take out your book, get used to reading before going to bed and leave a book in the bathroom (why not ?!)


Resolution 7, treat yourself more often by Désirables

Our last resolution is simple: treat yourself!
This could be just taking time for you, but we want to push this resolution towards indulgence. Pamper yourself, out with the guilt! Buy that decadent pastry at the end of the week; buy the piece of lingerie that has been tempting you for months (see what I mean!). At Désirables, we treat ourselves with Luxcey body products, which allow us to develop a skin care and wellness ritual of incredible quality or we buy ourselves jewelry from Harakiri (yes, click, it is worth it!)


There you go, our (best) resolutions for 2017, it's now up to you to share yours.
Happy New Year!
- Ariane, e-comm magician

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