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Sensual Blindfold - Boudoir Accessory

  • Désirables’ handmade blindfold is a great bedroom accessory whether it is to take a nap during the day, sleep on a plane or enhance your senses during intimate moments! Combining sensuality and relaxation, this elegant mask is a must have and will definitely add a sexy twist to any evening!

    Handmade by locals seamstresses in Montreal, this eye mask was designed to be super comfy while blocking a maximum of light! Available in 3 colors to suit your fancy: black, white or burgundy.

    • Sensual Lace Detail
    • Luxurious, flexible and comfortable fabric
    • 2 elastics for a better stability and pressure distribution
    • Available in 3 colors (black, burgundy and white)
    • Design tested to block a maximum of light
    • Handmade in Montreal to insure the best quality possible

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