If you are looking for an elegant addition to your bedroom, our special marble edition of our intimate massager is what you are looking for!  Every piece is unique and will be sold trough out the Holiday season until Valentin's Day or depletion of stock. Discover the sweetness and the warmth of our intimate explorer made entirely of the finest porcelain. 

    This DALIA is made entirely made using the Limoge's porcelain technique by one of the best ceramist in Canada: Louise Bousquet


    This DALIA is NOT made in marble. Marble is a porous material and wouldn't be hygienic for internal use. This DALIA is also in porcelain, but our handmade marble EFFECT gives it a more luxurious look. 

    • Ergonomic design of the intimate massager provides a good grip (can be use ambidextrously) and a perfect balance.
    • Weight: 137g
    • 2 distinctive tips ;
      • For your sexual wellness & pelvic health; A rounded tip designed to help you with your Kegels exercises.
      • For pleasure; a specific tip that allows you to explore your G-spot even if it is small.
    • Marble effect and stylish design. You can place your intimate massager anywhere in the house without causing awkward moments.
    • Plastic and Phtalates Free
    • Designed, manufactured and assembled in Montreal with love, so we can create jobs while ensuring an impeccable quality.
    • Oops policy; for the first 5 years, if you break your DALIA, get another one completely free of charge!

    All of our product are vibration free

    Every Désirables' box includes :

    • A chic and discreet storage bag.
    • An informative and comprehensive booklet.
    • Authenticity certificate.
  • The advantages of porcelain

    • The Limoge's porcelain technique provides the best type of porcelain you can get in term of quality. (To read more about it)
    • Smooth and regular surface for quick and easy cleaning (try our vegan cleaner)
    • Temperature: Porcelain is usually at the ambiant temperature but you can warm your DALIA under warm water or with your hands before use. You can also cool it if you feel adventurous.
    • High mechanical strength, so you do not have to worry about " fragility "
    • Hypoallergenic; which means that your intimate massager is perfect for internal use. It will not affect the delicate balance of your intimacy.
    • Compatible with every kind of lubricants; either silicone-based or water-based
  • Take a look at our Instruction Manual


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