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What we believe

Our Values


Our company is based on respect and well-being of people. We transfer all our will and our expertise in every component of our products. From the design to the final touch, we are refining our products as if each one was for a loved one.


For our team, Désirable is not just a job, it's a passion. Inspired by user experience principles from the "design thinking" movement, we are continually trying to improve the industry and by doing so, our own products.


We strive to build a strong and durable brand. For that to happen we need first and foremost to build a good relationship with you, our dear customers. The foundation of any good relationship is communication and honesty, that’s what we're trying to accomplish on this website. We aim it to be like an open book for you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


First of all, our respect is for you, our customers. But we try to push this value a little bit farther : respect for the community around us by providing new opportunities; for the environment by choosing renewable and durable materials for our products; for the body by using only body-safe materials and, last but not least, respect for our competitors, who, like us, try to make this industry a better place.

Our History

Désirable's products are the culmination of almost three years of research and development. It all began in 2011, during a university project on the ethics of designer in the industry of erotic toys. The conclusions were shocking : the current sex toys industry ignores the concepts of ethics, responsibility and hygiene. Thus, there are some sex toys that are manufactured with materials prohibited for use in children’s toys. This is how we started the Design & Intimacy project, which aimed to provide an alternative that is more ethical, responsible and in harmony with the erotic and intimate realities of couples.

Our Founder