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  • Professional Review

    I grew up surrounded by porcelain statues and kitchenware. My grand-aunt’s home was decorated with many porcelain pieces and I would stare at them lovingly as a child. Yet despite this I never counted myself as truly well-versed in the benefits of porcelain…until now.

    If porcelain is fine china then the Désirables Dalia is the finest china I have ever encountered, and I am captivated by its grace.

    Emmeline Peaches
    Emmeline Peaches Reviews

  • Profesionnal Review

    " But sometimes, simple and elegant is all a body needs, and nothing out there is as beautiful in its simplicity as the Dalia Porcelain Dildo by Desirables.

    From the minimalist white box with its burnt red sleeve to the rich earthy tones of the box’s inner lining and the included storage bag, everything about the Dalia experience is understated and refined."