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We’re a young design-driven start-up company, specialized in creating and providing a new kind of intimacy accessories and sex toys. As women and industrial designers, we got tired of seeing sex toys that aren’t as graceful or elegant as we knew they could be. That’s why we offer products that are respectful, functional and aesthetically pleasing.


5 effects of female orgasm that will blow your mind

June 28, 2016

  1. It Makes You Happier OK, this one is kind of a “no-brainer” but what is the mechanism behind all those positive vibes? When you have an orgasm, the brain releases what we call “feel good” chemical cocktail: endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin. 2. It Can Ease Body Aches and Menstrual Pain During an orgasm, the blood flow increases in the pelvic area. The increased blood flow helps release the cramps because it brings more oxygen to this specific region. At the same time, your uterine muscles will contract and the brain will release chemicals that are known as natural pain relievers, those are called Endorphins. 3. It Help Prevent Cervical Infections and Relieves Urinary Tract Infections New studies are...

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4 Steps to Go Greener in The Bedroom

April 27, 2016

4 steps to go greener in the bedroom- practical guide to set up the mood

This Month is dedicated to the Earth and we think it’s a pretty good opportunity to question our everyday choices. It’s now clear that societies will have to change their consumption and production’s habits if we want to give our children and their children a decent environment to evolve and grow old.