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I absolutely love how chic and luxurious the packaging is. The raw silk bag is a nice change from the usual black velvet ones that usually come with most high-end sex toys. Read more...
by Simone Paget, writer

Montreal is known to be on the tackier end of the sex business – a lot of cheap toys, leather fetishes and exclusivity. You can only imagine how thrilled we were to come across Desirables – a totally classy and well-researched sex toy company! Read More...

by A couple of Kinks

"It is a Montreal-made sex toy! We kind of already knew we were going to love it as a dildo. The shape is perfect, the weight is perfect, and the material is perfect… you get the point." Read more...

A Couple of Kinks

"Both the dildo and the massagers are made out of porcelain which personally I had never seen before but lends certain advantages to the toys..."

Taylor J Mace

"Great care is clearly taken throughout the entire process of making each product, which results in high-quality and well-made items. The main focus of Desirables is intimacy as opposed to a quick orgasm, which is a nice change from the mass market that just want to make cheap, buzzy things to get people off." Read More...

Cooler Than a Glass Dildo

"The scent is light and fresh, not overwhelming in the slightest. The scent may be noticeable, but it’s not strong or overbearing, it’s just enough to create the perfect atmosphere for your massage." Read more...

Cooler Than a Gass Dildo

"The best part is that using the G-spot end of the dildo was not a disappointment. It is easy to build up these ideas in your head about a toy, but for them to actually be accurate and hit all the right spots? That's an achievement." Read more...

Rebecca Dane, Your Tango

"That delicate little porcelain curve may be designed for stellar G-spot stimulation, but its firm and easy-glide material makes it a champ for lightly caressing the A-spot and taking it from mere footnote to leading star." Read more...

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