Discover our design process

Step into the captivating world of Désirables' design process. This mesmerizing video unveils skilled artisans crafting objects of desire with passion and expertise. Witness the meticulous journey from initial sketches to the final creation, showcasing our brand's commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and innovative design.

A Quick Word from our Founder

Embarking on my journey as a young industrial designer and a woman in a relationship longing to reignite our intimacy, I found myself dissatisfied with the options available in the market that failed to capture my own vision of eroticism. Since then, I have devoted myself to absorbing every bit of knowledge about sexuality and intimacy, immersing myself in books, conversations, and videos.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I never imagined the profound impact my designs would have on people's lives, and it is a true blessing to receive heartfelt testimonials from clients who have found inspiration and transformation through Désirables' creations. Good design has always held the power to change lives, and I am humbled to have the honor of fulfilling this purpose through my own designs.

Isabelle's TEDx Talk at HEC Montreal

(Available in French Only) Isabelle shares her vision; the role of an industrial designer extends beyond creating consumer objects. Designers, along with the design community, bear responsibility, just like the companies producing these objects, for the impacts on users and the environment. It is within this perspective that she specializes in erotic toy design. Sensing the emotions and values conveyed through aesthetics of images and objects, Isabelle realizes that to truly transform the paradigms of eroticism, more than just the erotic objects themselves must be changed.