Vibration and Phthalates-Free Products

We believe that intimacy shouldn’t be defined by performance

This is one of the reason why we decided to create erotic toys without vibrations.

We do believe that always striving to achieve orgasm in the fastest possible way can be the opposite of what intimacy should be.

In a world where every time you hear the word “sex toy” everyone thinks of “vibrations”, it might seems like an odd choice to decide to develop “vibration-free” products. Here are three reasons why we made this choice:

  1. The frequent use of vibrating toys, can lead to a “plateau” effect in which the user will need to increase the level of vibrations in order to feel the same level of pleasure.
  2. Vibration isn’t for everyone. Some people simply aren’t aroused by the type of stimulations provided by “vibrators”.
  3. In some extreme cases, the excessive use of vibrations over a long period of time, as a method of reaching orgasm, will create real problems when it comes to be aroused by something different or by your partner.

To put it simply; in order to have a balanced and delightful sex life, it's always better to use different kinds of stimulation. If you're a fan of vibration, we're glad that you found something that makes you "vibrate",  just don't forget to jazz things up a bit once in a while.

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All our products are phthalates-free


When you're looking for a product to spice up your sex life and intimacy, the first three things that come to mind usually are:

-        What can it do? (What kind of stimulation do I want?)

-        How much am I willing to pay for my new toy?

-        What does it look like?

One of the first question that should come to your mind is: what is it made of? It’s an unusual question, and one that we ask ourselves more often when we’re talking about food or beauty products. But the material’s quality used in some “adult toys” is a big issue. It it is so important to us that we wrote a blog post about it:  How to chose the right material for your sex toy.

Many of the more “economically accessible's” sex toys are filled with phthalates, a substance added to some plastics to increase some features like: flexibility, durability, longevity, and transparency. Those substances are actually under studies and might be related to cancer and lead to some other health issues.

When used in sex toys, especially for internally used toys, you apply those chemical products directly onto your genitalia. Which means that those hazardous chemicals are directly in contact with your bloodstream.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society : There is also evidence that certain phthalates act as endocrine disruptors. This means they may mimic or behave like certain hormones and can interfere with the normal hormonal activity in our bodies. This can lead to physical abnormalities, fertility problems and certain types of cancer.


There are some laws against using them in kid’s toys, but there is no such law or recommendations for the sex toy industry.

We believe the process of choosing your next bedroom addition should be filled with joy, laughter and anticipation, not concerns about your health and the quality of material chosen by the manufacturer. That's why we do not use any plastic other than medical grade silicone: used in the medical field. For most of our products we have found a material that has been around for centuries and has all the characteristics needed in a luxurious intimacy accessory; Porcelain.

We’ve compiled some of the best sources of information if you want to learn more about phthalates:

Toxic Sex Toys with Jennifer Pritchett from Smitten Kitten on Vimeo.