Choose The Right Material For Your Sex Toy

April 19, 2016

Choose The Right Material For Your Sex Toy

There's a lot of sex toys out there and we know it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. Many things need to be taken into consideration, but one thing you should always check is the material used to make it! 


We believe it’s essential to choose a body safe material that will stay in perfect condition for a long time. If you do choose a toy with vibrations, we suggest that you choose a rechargeable one. One of the main worries about toys with batteries is that it’s recommended that you take out the batteries when it's not in use. Therefore, in a long-term use, non-rechargeable toys, that you throw away after a couple of uses are definitely a bad idea.


Our Favorite Materials For Sex Toys

Our favorite materials are all non-porous, without phthalates or any dangerous/toxic agents. They can even be sterilized in boiling water, if they don’t contain any electronic components.

  • Porcelain (just like our DALIA)
  • Glass—Borosilicate (Pyrex)
  • Silicone—Medical Grade, premium or 100% silicone
  • Stainless steel—Medical grade


The " Okay" Materials

We do understand that you are not necessarily ready to pay the full price for your first toy, or for something completely new to you. Theses materials are a good "second choice", but if you are very sensible or if you want to buy a sex toy that will last you for a very long time, stay with our first picks. 

  • Wood
  • ABS plastic*
  • Crystal/Natural Stone

Those materials are usually known to be safe for sex toys, but some of those can be porous and others can degrade with time. We included wood in this section, but you need to make sure that the quality of the varnishing product used on the surface is medical grade. For wood toys, look for a phthalates-free & solvent-free water varnish.

* We need to do a special mention for ABS plastic; it's a non-toxic, non-porous plastic that is much more affordable than silicone, but cannot be sterilized in hot water.


Those Toxic Materials That Should Have Never Left The Factory

We firmly believe that some materials should NEVER be used in products that are in direct contact with your skin or even worse, your mucous membrane. Those materials are filled with toxic and cheap products that are known to be carcinogenic. Even worst, some of those sex toys are literally impossible to clean due to their porous surface. Here’s a list of all the materials you should really stay far, far away from:

  • TPE
  • TPR
  • Cyberskin
  • Jelly Rubber
  • PVC & Vinyl
  • “Hard plastic”


A Last Word of Advice

It is essential to keep in mind that sex toy’s manufacturers do not have any obligation to disclaim the materials used in the production of their toys. To be on the safe side, don’t buy any toys made of “hard plastics” or any unknown material. A good manufacturer will always be proud of what he/she puts in their products and will gladly share this information with you.

More about the "put a condom on a toxic toy to make it safe again". This practice is very far from safe or even useful. Most condom will tear on sex toys or won't even protect you from the harmful chemicals. You can learn more about the subject with this incredibly helpful blog post by Dangerous Lily. 

We also have a blog post about sustainable sex toy and safe lubricants!

Visual guide to help you choose the right material for your sex toy !

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