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4 Easy Steps to Make Your Bedroom Greener

by Isabelle Deslauriers 0 Comments

This Month is dedicated to the Earth and we think it’s a pretty good opportunity to question our everyday choices. It’s now clear that societies will have to change their consumption and production habits if we want to give our children and their children a decent environment to evolve and grow old.

Big changes will have to be put in place by our governments. However, we sometimes forget the power that we have as individuals on this crucial matter. With our consumption habits and by choosing wisely what we buy, we can create a force that will change the mentality and practices of big companies. As clients you get to choose the companies who respect you, their employees and the environment.

Eco Choices in The Bedroom

You are probably already on the right track in some fields: food, transportation or even travel destinations. We decided to create a quick guide to help you create a greener bedroom. In this post, we will talk about the different ways to achieve a warm and eco ambiance. You can also read some more on how to have a sustainable erotic tool box right here!


Setting The Vibe

Let’s start with the easiest ways to make your bedroom more sustainable. Whether you are a fan of erotic toys or not, it’s always possible to reduce your eco-footprint in your bedroom. Here is a list of four easy ways to change the mood:

The Lighting

Vanilla bourbon & Tonka Beans Soy Candle

Use candles for a subtle and diffuse lighting, it's a perfect (and easy) way to add a romantic ambiance to your bedroom or a more relaxing one. Choose soy wax candles rather than the usual paraffin or bees wax. Soy candles burn 2 to 3 times longer than paraffin candles. Pro Tips: because soy wax burn at a much lower temperature, you can even use the melted wax as a massage lotion (we do have our very own massage candle!). We fell in love with a Quebec company that creates amazingly fragrant candles: Blanc Soja.

The Scent

Essential oils at Coopcoco

Smell is such an important part of the way we feel, that choosing the right fragrance is essential for setting up the right mood. Go for scented candles and kill two birds with one stone. You can also use essential oils with an oil diffuser. Every smell has a different effect, so be sure to use the one relevant for the mood you want to set. Ylang-Ylang essential oil is renowned for its aphrodisiac properties (we used it in our massage oil). Coop Coco is a great place in Montreal and is our go-to place when we need anything bio/organic, plus they have a great selection of essential oils.


The Bed

Milkseed comforter

Eco bedding: this is definitely a bigger investment! Do you know that most mattresses contain chemicals that are released into the ambient air over time? But buying a new mattress is a HUGE investment, so maybe you should start with something a bit more accessible: new sheets. Go for sheets made out of organic cotton, hemp or silk. Contrary to popular beliefs, bamboo sheets aren’t a sustainable choice since the process to create textile fibers out of bamboo needs a humongous amount of toxic chemicals. Natural fibers, besides being a more sustainable choice, will soften with use and time. A new padding product appeared on the market in the last years: Milkweed, also called “vegetable silk”. Eco&Eco is a Quebec company that offers comforters made out of milkweed. We also very much like a company that was featured on Quebec version of Dragon’s Den: Bigarade. They have an amazing bedding collection.


Naja - Sustainable Lingerie

Lingerie is perfect to put us in the right mindset. There are a few eco choices for your undergarments. One company is trying to bring change to this somewhat old industry: Naja. An American company that wants to give back power to women with lingerie instead of objectifying them. Naja only employs single mothers and offers them a good salary and the necessary flexibility to have a good family & work balance. There are other options on the market, like going for local businesses like Ohhh Lulu! and Sokoloff lingerie. Make sure to check out our blog post on Selflove Local Shopping! Eluxe Magazine did a list of the 7 best sustainable lingerie brands on the market

If you are interested in the subject of Fabric Sustainability make sure to check out this Guide made by Beeco!

If you have any suggestions for these categories do not hesitate to write them in the comment section below.

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