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5 Effects of the Female Orgasm That Will Blow Your Mind

1. It Makes You Happier

OK, this one is kind of a “no-brainer”, but what is the mechanism behind all those positive vibes? When you have an orgasm, the brain releases what we call “feel good” chemical cocktail: dopamine and oxytocin. Yay for science!

 Woman smiling by Les Jay

2. It Can Ease Body Aches and Menstrual Pain

During an orgasm, the blood flow increases in the pelvic area. The increased blood flow helps release the cramps, because it brings more oxygen to this specific region. At the same time, your uterine muscles will contract and the brain will release chemicals that are known as natural pain relievers, those are called Endorphins. So, don't be afraid to have some fun during that time of the month!


3. It Help Prevent Cervical Infections and Relieves Urinary Tract Infections

New studies are showing that masturbation, and the orgasm that comes with it, helps your body to be in its best health. The orgasm create a “tent” phenomenon in the pelvic region that opens the cervix. This phenomenon releases muscle tensions in the pelvic area, thus helping you achieve a better health.


4. It Can Help in Preventing Insomnia

The mechanisms behind this effect are pretty simple and are related to all the other effects we mentioned before. An orgasm will release hormones and the muscles tensions in the body. During the anticipation of the climax, Dopamine, a hormone related to pleasure, will rise. After the orgasm, the brain will release oxytocin and endorphins, creating a warm afterglow that will help you fall asleep.

 Woman sleeping by Vladislav Muslakov

5. It Increases the Strength of the Pelvic Floor

A healthy pelvic floor is essential and something that we should all work for. But how does an orgasm make it healthier? During the “plateau” stage of the sexual response, the entire pelvic floor is at work: the muscles are toned, the heart rate and the respiration increases, the clitoris receive an increase in blood supply. The entire network of muscles is even more tense than usual, thus strengthening the pelvic floor, and helping you achieve a better sexual satisfaction in the long run. 

(* If you already have an overactive or tense pelvic floor, consult a specialist to release the tension before you try to strengthen your pelvic floor.)


Sexual response time infographic

Did you know ?

You can release the tension in your pelvic floor by using your DALIA as an internal massage tool. It can also help you in your Kegel workout session and is a great tool to achieve orgasm through G-Spot stimulation and pretty much sexual wellness in general!

Dalia luxurious porcelain dildos by Désirables


If we take a good look at these effects, we realize that orgasms are great for 2 main reasons:

  • It releases 3 chemicals in the brain that are known to cause, bonding and pleasure and to relieve pain.
  • The buildup period prior to the orgasm, the plateau, create a tension in the pelvic region and gives your body a great workout.

But even though orgasms are amazing, just taking time for your own pleasure is a great experience and remember that you don’t have to achieve orgasm every.single.time.

Any other effect we did not think about? Let us know!

👉 Pssst, if you want tips and tricks to reach orgasm make sure to check out this blog post by the School of Squirt!

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