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  • Robert Mapplethorpe: an Evening at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

    Robert Mapplethorpe: an Evening at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

September 29, 2016

Désirables is now on sale at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts!

Did you know? We now have the great honor to be sold at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts boutique, MBAM in short, as part of the exhibition Focus: Perfection Robert Mapplethorpe. To celebrate this unique opportunity, and to honor the man who helped us enter our first museum, our team went to visit the exhibition.


Robert Mapplethorpe is a famous American photographer born in 1946, who died in 1989 at the age of 42 years old. During his short career, he will become one of the icons of black and white photography. His favorite subjects revolved around portraits and flowers, but it is with his exploration of the world of gay BDSM that he made a reputation in the art world.

4 reasons why you should see the exposition

  1. The staging is FLAWLESS (Hats off to the museum team who transformed the museum’s rooms in an ode to black and white and to the boldness of Robert Mapplethorpe.)
  1. Mapplethorpe’s work is spectacular
  2. It’s a foray into one of the most controversial collections in the United States of the 90s.
  3. It’s definitely a bold date idea


Our favorites in pictures

  Robert Mapplethorpe exposition MBAM photography


For more pictures of Robert Mapplethorpe's work visit us on Pinterest!
And if you want to read more about the exposition here are two articles from La Presse:

Focus: Perfection Robert Mapplethorpe, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts from September 10th to January 22nd. 

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