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There is a rough side on my ADORI. Is it safe to use it ? 

Glazed Vs unglazed Adori Porcelain Massage stoneYes, there is not any "defect" with your stones if one side isn't glazed; that's the way we designed them.

There are two finishes on every one of our Adori massage stones. One side that is glazed (finished) and the other one (the one that goes inside your hand) is unglazed for a better grip when you massage your partner.

As you will experience, the glazed side slides very well against the skin when you use it with oil (our OMEHA, for example). With that in mind, and the fact that we need an unglazed part on every porcelain product, we chose to let the inside of the stones at their natural state. This way, when you use oil, they won't slip out of your hand during massage. (Want to know what kind of oil to use? We have a blog about it!)

A part of my product looks porous. Is it safe to use it?

Glazed VS unglazed DALIA Porcelain Dildo Yes, all our porcelain products are entirely hygienic and suitable to use with the human body. Our products are also compatible with all types of lubricants, whether they are water-based or silicone-based, and all kinds of massage related products; oil, cream, lotion and powder.

One of the many benefits of porcelain is that from the first firing, the material is vitrified. In other words, during cooking, the space between the ceramic particles is filled with particles of glass which fuse with the ceramic. This phenomenon transforms the ceramic / porcelain and seals it.

There are two different finishes you’ll find on most of our products. Those are meant for aesthetic purposes only, since none of them present any hygienic issue. First, there is the “glazed” finish, which is glossy and looks like glass. Then there is the “unglazed” one, which is mate and looks much more like the porcelain natural look.

There's a spot on my DALIA. Is it normal ?

Heat spot on DALIA Porcelain Dildo

This stain is harmless and occurs during the second firing of our products.

This gray / beige spot is present on most of our products and may vary in size.

The glazed, or “the glossy”, part is added to the piece with the second firing. During this firing, the ceramist must put the object on a sandstone prop. It is the contact area of the pro against which the porcelain that leaves this stain. It is therefore impossible for us to have a white product without this discoloration.