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Sustainable Sex Toys: Myth or Reality?

Can sex toys be sustainable? How do you choose an environmentally-friendly dildo or vibrator? We try to clarify the different aspects of the green trend in this blog post!


For the last couple of years, a lot of “ecological” sex toys have appeared on the market. It’s definitely a good sign that so many sustainable alternatives are made available to customers. However, like in many other industries, we need to be careful and check all the facts before buying a “greener choice”. Here’s a list characteristics to look for in sex toys that are more eco-friendly:

  • Rechargeable
  • Made from Phthalates-free Silicon
  • Made from Wood, Porcelain, Glass, Stone or Crystal

There are definitely sustainable sex toys out there, some that will last you a life time and that are body-safe. Check out our blog about How to choose the right material for your sex toy to learn more!


What does Greenwashing means?

According to CorpWatch:

"Green*wash: (gr~en-wosh)—washers—washing—washed 1). The phenomenon of socially and environmentally destructive corporations attempting to preserve and expand their markets by posing as friends of the environment and leaders in the struggle to eradicate poverty. 2) Environmental whitewash. 3) Any attempt to brainwash consumers or policy makers into believing polluting mega-corporations are the key to environmentally sound sustainable development 4) Hogwash."
-CorpWatch Definition


Some catchy and trendy words are known to be frequently used when a company is trying to make you buy a greener product that isn’t really a good and sustainable option. So watch out for words like:

  • Non-Toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Natural/Made of natural ingredients

Did you know?

  • In Canada, cleaning products don’t have to list the ingredients used in them.
  • Sex toys manufacturers don't have to disclaim the materials they use in their products.


How to choose a sustainable product?

We know how much all those labels can be confusing and, frankly, most of us do not have the time to evaluate every option on the market. That’s why we would like to give you a list of our most trusted labels. First things first, you might be wondering what’s a label? It’s a logo, applied on a product that has passed a certification. The most common example is the Energy Star’s label use for energy efficiency.

Here is a selection of the sustainable labels that are trusted to be reliable for two reasons:

  • The certification is made by a third party that is independent from the manufacturer.
  • Those entities created elevated standards in order to certify only the best options.

Ecolabels guide, how to find sustainable products


To help you choose the right sex toy a lot of stores and reviewers did create lists of sustainable products. For the most part you can count on these to provide you with the right information. There are also a manufacturers that do create products with your sexual and intimacy wellness in mind (yours truly). And we do hope that these kind of sustainable practices will become the norm and make it easier for you! 

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