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ADORI - Porcelain Massage Stones

  • Evacuate the tensions on your body with our luxurious massage stones and fully enjoy your intimate and passionate moments. Discover the perfect combination of relaxation and sensuality.

    Venture up the hills and gentle plains of your partner's body with an erotic and sensual massage. Relax under the contact of the porcelain; Be guided by the sensual curves of our ADORI which, like your partner, will warm to your touch.

    Our massage stones are a perfect gift for your partner, newly weds or someone you want to treat.

      • Ergonomic design; provides a comfortable massage in addition to reducing the pressure on your joints. The stones fits into the palms of either hand and the pressure is put on them instead of your hands making it very easy to give a longer massage
      • 3 different sizes of massage stones; designed to target different muscles and apply different pressures.
      • 2 finishes; We add a layer of glaze on the area that is used for the massage. The glaze gives a more inviting look and finish that slides more easily over the skin. Each ADORI receives a double firing, which ensures that the material is vitrified and is therefore non-porous. (So it's ​​perfect to use with oils, massage creams or powders)
      • Sleek and stylish design ; that allows you to leave your ADORI about anywhere in the house without causing awkward moments.
      • Plastic FREE
      • OOPS Policy ; Porcelain products have a very high mechanical strength while in use, but if you drop them on the floor they might break. That's why we created our OOPS policy - a 5 year warranty on all our porcelain products.
      • Made in Montreal; so we can create jobs while ensuring an impeccable quality.
    All of our products are vibration free.

    Every box includes :

    • A chic and discreet storage bag.
    • An informative and comprehensive booklet.
    • Authenticity certificate.
  • The benefits of Porcelain

    • Smooth and regular surface; allows an effective,quick and easy cleaning
    • Retain heat; your massagers will feel like one with your hand after a few minutes of use
    • High mechanical strength, so you do not have to worry about " fragility "
    • Hypoallergenic material, which means it is ideal for direct contact with your skin
  • Take a look at our Instruction Manual

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