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ADORI - Porcelain Massage Stones

  • The Adori are handmade porcelain massage stones that are unique to Désirables. Their innovative design will help you provide a wonderful massage at home even if you are a newbie. The trick is in the design, their shape allows the pressure to be put on the stones, instead of your hands and joints, allowing for a longer, more in depth and more pleasurable massage for both. The stones have different shapes, because they provide different kind of pressure and target different muscles.

    We chose porcelain because it can be warmed or cooled and can be used with pretty much anything: massage oil, powder or cream and is still super easy to clean. Moreover, the porcelain is hypoallergenic, meaning you can use it directly on the skin without any worry.


      • Each box includes: set of 3 porcelain massage stones, storage bag, informative booklet and authenticity certificate
      • Plastic and vibration free
      • 2 finishes (one side is glazed for a smooth feel on the skin , the other isn’t for a better grip)
      • Ambidextrous use
      • 5 years warranty 
    All of our products are vibration free.
    • The benefits of Porcelain

      • Smooth and regular surface; allows an effective,quick and easy cleaning
      • Retain heat; your massagers will feel like one with your hand after a few minutes of use
      • High mechanical strength, so you do not have to worry about " fragility "
      • Hypoallergenic material, which means it is ideal for direct contact with your skin

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