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3 Easy Steps to a Perfect Massage at Home

Massage is this universal activity that couples do as foreplay or even just to connect... Yet a lot of people we meet wish they could give better massages. With this in mind, we wrote this blog post. And it's filled with easy tips and tricks on how to give a good massage at home even if you are a newbie!


The art of massage can sometime seem mysterious and complicated. Even though therapeutic massages should be left to professionals, the relaxing kind can be achieved by everybody. Which is a good thing because, like we mentioned in our last blog post, this is one of the best ways to increase intimacy with your partner. Furthermore, if you subscribe to our newsletter you will receive our massage pamphlet for free!


Make it Cozy

To make the most of this special moment, here is a check list to help you create a relaxing ambiance for your massage session.

  • Dimmed lighting, you must be able to see what you are doing without blinding your partner. The use of candles is a good way to achieve this kind of light. You can also put a blindfold  over your partner's eyes to make the experience even more sensual.

  • The right temperature, warmer is always better, and hotter temperatures help the muscles to relax at the same time.

  • Musical background, choose your favorite calming playlist. If you’re not a big fan of “relaxing music", you’d better opt for no music at all instead of your last party’s playlist.

  • Make the most of your massage by exploiting the sense of smell. You can add a relaxing scent with fragrant candles, an oil diffuser or even with some fragrant massage oil.

  • Don’t forget to choose the right place to give your massage, it should be comfortable and practical. We suggest that you do your massage on the ground and re-use your yoga mat or a towel to make it cozy for both of you.

A Relaxing Massage in 3 Easy Steps

Massage techniques falls into three categories; light, medium and deep pressure.

Light pressure open and end the sequence, medium touches help relax muscle tension, while the deep touches offer a more focused relaxation. Varying the pressure offers an interesting pace to the massage. You must maintain balance; too little pressure can often become annoying and too much pressure can be painful and stiffens the body. Always ask your partner for his/her impressions.

Be careful not to massage the spine or bones.

1. Light Pressure

These techniques provide a pleasant and comforting introduction. They can be used at any time during a massage to comfort or to get to know your partner better.

Stroking - Light Massage Technique

The stroking is a delicate and sliding touch often used to spread the oil at the beginning of a massage and makes it easier to know the body of the person being massaged. This technique is used for the lower back, legs and abdomen. It provides contact with the entire hand.

Feather Touch - Light Massage Technique

Feather touch is usually used to end the massage. It stimulates the skin and makes you feel relaxed. This technique is used on the arms, toes and back. Glide your fingertips across your partner’s skin.

Oscillatory Movements - Light Massage Techniques

Oscillating promotes relaxation and helps the body to release tension. Place your hands flat on each side of the body of your partner. Gently push the body with one hand, then repeat on the other side with the other hand generating a slight oscillating movement. This technique uses the whole hand and can be used on the legs, the arms and the front of the body.

Pinching - Light Massage Techniques

Pinching is a light, pleasant and stimulating touch. Place the tip of your fingers on your partner’s body. While slightly pinching the skin, remove the hand. Repeat with the other hand, alternating so as to treat the entire area. This touch uses the fingertips and can be done on the scalp, legs or back.

To perform the various techniques of light pressure, you can, in addition to your hands, use our ADORI in medium size.


2. Medium Pressure

These techniques helps to release muscle tension and are used after the oil has been spread by stroking. Start slowly and then, depending on your partner’s reactions, increase the pressure until you feel the muscles relax.

Kneading - Medium Pressure Massage Techniques

Kneading is one of the most stimulating techniques, it treats the muscles repeatedly to relax, release tension and reduce muscle tone. Press the muscles with the thumb away from you, then without breaking contact, grab them with your fingers and roll them towards your thumb. Use this technique on the thighs, buttocks and back. Avoid sensitive areas.

 Compression - Medium Pressure Massage Techniques

Compression helps in releasing muscle tension and stimulating the circulation. Thumbs and indexes surround the chosen body part, while the hand exerts pressure. The compression is perfect to release the “knots”. It can be used on forearms, thighs or calves.

 Twisting - Medium Pressure Massage Techniques

Twisting is a good muscle relaxant and it involves a compression of both hands. Warning: it's important for your hands to be well coated with oil. Place your hands on each side of the body part you want to massage. Your hands are flat on the body. Slide one hand on the muscles, away from you without breaking contact with the body. At the same time, slide the other hand towards you. This technique can be use for the upper arms, the calves and the back.

Circles - Medium Pressure Massage Techniques

Circles are suitable for delicate and sensitive areas or joints. This is a good way to help your partner relax. Slowly while applying a good amount of pressure, trace circles with the whole hand or with your thumbs on the abdomen, the lower back or the knees.


3. Deep pressure

Deep pressure techniques are more specific and treat localized areas. They must be administered with caution to avoid creating discomfort. Do not repeat more than once or twice and always be aware of your partner’s reactions.

To perform the various techniques of deep pressure, you can, in addition to your hands, use our ADORI in small and medium sizes.

Knuckles - Deep Pressure Massage Techniques

Using your knuckles is another way to vary the pressure of your touches. It will allow you to increase pressure while reducing the tension in your fingers and your thumbs. Make a fist and place it on the muscles. Gradually increase the pressure using your knuckles as a contact point. It can be used on the hips, the palms or the soles of the feet.

Base of the hand - Deep Pressure Massage Techniques

When applying pressure with the base of the hand it’s possible to give a greater depth and pressure to the touch. Lift the palm and fingers of the hand so that the only contact for the massage is through the base of your hand. Press down and treat the muscles by repeating a few times. This technique can be used on thighs, back and hips. Avoid sensitive and painful areas.

The Finishing Touch

We suggest that you finish your massage with the Feather Touch, or any techniques presented in the Light Massage section. If you are more curious about those techniques, and others that we haven’t presented yet, don’t hesitate to go and learn some more.

Here are our suggestions on YouTube:

And the books we used for this post :

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