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  • 5 Amazing Facts About Massage

    5 Amazing Facts About Massage

March 11, 2016

Since the beginning of Désirables, we believed that massage is one the best way to (re) connect with your partner. The discovery of every inch of your partner’s body, the different sensations created by the hands, lips, tongue and by temperature fluctuations and textures… Massage is the perfect tool to relax, forget your worries and reconnect with your five senses in order to be present and mindful.


The Power of Touch

Touch is THE FIRST of the five human senses to awaken. Touch is so important that it’s been known for a long time that in order to keep babies healthy you need to touch and hold them. Pioneers in sexology, Masters & Johnson, were already aware of the importance of touch : 

«It bridges the gap of physical individuality which no one escapes by literally establishing a sense of solidarity between two individuals


Whether it's for a relaxing purpose or as a first step towards something more steamy, massage has a lot of healthy effects either physical or emotional for the receiving person.


Did you know?

Let starts this Massage Month with 5 amazing facts about this activity.
  1. Skin is the biggest organ of the human body. This very unique organ covers a total of 18- to 20 square metres and every square inch contains close to a 1000 nerve endings that transfers every tactile sensation to the brain. A healthy skin is essential for the overall health of the human body. It's a barrier against bacterias and infections, it helps regulate the internal temperatures and is an incredible source of pleasure.
  2. Massage can start an hormones galore in the brain! The activity transmit to your brain a message that helps the release of 3 important hormones related to happiness, love and pleasure. Serotonine, Oxytocine & Dopamine. Put it simply, giving and receiving a massage is one of the best way to create durable intimacy in a relationship.
  3. In your brain, a massage create the same kind of pleasure than sex. In other words, when you receive a massage the dopamine levels are increased. Dopamine is a neurotransmetter in charge of the brain's reward system. Other kind of situations are known to release high levels of dopamine : during sex, when you take alcool, drugs or even when you eat sugar. To learn more about this curious "reward system of the brain", here's a great Ted-ed on the subject. Click here to watch it
  4. The more "erotic" kind of massage take its roots in Buddhism. In ancient Eastern cultures, Buddhism brought a new will to combine body and mind as one entity. As early as 1800 BC, you can found mentions of "Ayurvedic Massage", a form of massage that focus on sensuality.
  5. Hippocrates, better known as the father of medecine, was a massage fan. In his days, massage was commonly used in everyday life in publics baths and antique termes. It was used to relax the body, but also as a medical tool against infection and other illness.
The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and a sceted massage every day - Hippocrates

If you are a fan of massage, make sure to read our blog on the 3 steps to a perfect massage at home! Let us know what caught your attention, did you prefer the brain, the history or the biology part ? Do you have any other amazing facts about massage ? And if you wish to receive more tips and tricks about massages: click here!


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