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Selfcare time with local brands

by Ariane Fortin 0 Comments

Even though the Covid crisis have many negatives effects, our team would like to mention the tremendous impact it had on local businesses. We are happy and proud to see people from Quebec (and Canada) make a big effort to shop for local products. 

In the past weeks we noticed on social media groups that a lot of people were looking for a tone of various products made in locally. We decided to help a little bit by starting a list of companies that specialises in self care and self love.  

Underwear 🩲

Love & Beyond

Love & Beyond’s products are in perfect alignment with Désirables’ values, they promote self love and freedom. This company creates bralettes, undies and cami in Montreal by ‘’extraordinary people’’ with a care for the environment. 

Our favorite : the Eco-Gisele undies (a new item at Love & Beyond).

White Label

White Label is an icon of sensual design. Inspired by a vision of the world that is both urban and nostalgic, Evelyne Fay creates unique pieces which can be worn both in the bedroom and in bars (when we will be able to go back 😉). White label even have some items for men.

Our favorite : The luxurious kimono  both in white and black.


Renowned Montreal brand for a while now, Sokoloff lingerie is infused with elegance and we are happy to say that they currently offer plus size items through their partnership with Addition Elle.

Our favorite : White night gown


Coming from a legacy in the fashion business, Blush made its mark on the province of Quebec for over 20 years! They have a little of everything from lounge wear to more sexy lingerie.

Our favorite : The Starlet Ensemble

Stay Soft

Stay Soft was created by Emilie Hajek in Montreal with the goal to bring back self care and self love in the lingerie industry. Based on slow fashion principles, this brand is definitely in sync with our vision of intimacy. 

Our favorite: Salome Full Bralette in black

Ary Pastelle

This company “made in Québec” offers a beautiful range of lingerie items and custom made pieces that oscillate between comfort and sensuality.

Our favorite: The Amélya Slip Suit


Lubricants 💦

Sexy Ganja

This lubricant made in Quebec is often suggested by physiotherapist with whom we have partnered. It is made from hemp and water and is perfect for women with vaginal pain. 

Available in supermarkets such as  Avril and Jean Coutu.


Made by Montreal brand Zorah Biocosmétique, Biolala is a water-based lubricant made from 100% organic ingredients. Available in 3 flavors for gourmets (strawberry, caramel and plain).  

Available in some health focus supermarkets and directly on the Zorah website.

Intimate Lubricating Gel

This lubricant is created by Quebec's company Erinea and is made from natural and vegan ingredients. This company also puts forward the power of plants through their body safe products.

Available on their website

Sexy Oil

Made in Toronto by Province Apothecary, who specialises in natural handmade products created in small batch only. All their products are made from canadians ingredients.

Available online on their website.

Smooth Operator

Made in Vancouver, BC by the awesome people at Intamo Pleasurables. This organic water-based lubricant is so good we even sell it on our store!  

🛒 Click here to discover more Canadian lubricants! 

Body Care 💆


From their non-toxic nail polish to their bamboo toothbrushes, the popularity of this company is definitely growing in Quebec. Based in Montreal, B.Kind uses the power of plants to create high quality body products. 

Our favorite: Skincare Kits


Écoderma is a Montreal-based handmade skin care company that focuses on bath rituals. The different products will allow you to relax and take some time for yourself.
Our favorite: Eucalyptus Relaxation Set


Luxart skin care products are made in Quebec and based on plant science. This allows them to offer its customers the best products according to their skin type. The production is artisanal, thus allowing to preserve a maximum of quality.

Our favorite: Discovery kit, 4 soaps to discover the products.


If you believe there is a company missing, make sure to mention them in the comments and we will gladly add them to the list!

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