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3 Reasons why you should go see a Dita Von Teese Show at least once in your life

by Isabelle Deslauriers 0 Comments

A Perfect combination of Glamour, Entertainment and Sensuality

Last Sunday night, September 10th 2017, in Montreal we were given a real treat : a show designed by the oh-so talented Dita Von Teese. For those of you who don’t know her yet, Miss Von Teese is a Burlesque Dancer, but also a model, a lingerie designer and an actress. She’s always been a true inspiration for Désirables because of her class, her dedication to her art and the quality of everything she does. If you haven’t seen her lingerie collection yet, you should definitely give it a look. (You can see our selection on our Pinterest)

The Golden era of Burlesque in the city of love - PARIS

Not everyone is familiar with the concept of burlesque, so here’s a quick recap :

Traditionally, Burlesque is a literary, musical or dramatic work created to cause laughter by caricaturing serious subjects. Coming from the Victorian era, it’s more commonly known today as a striptease show. The parody and extravaganza side of the show still reside but includes in a sensual dimension since the early 1900. After the prohibition, the Burlesque industry declined until 1990 when it was brought back to life creating the “Neo-Burlesque” movement. We have our very own “Burlesque Festival” in Montreal. To learn more about the history of burlesque you can go here.

Fan or not, we firmly believe that you must go to a burlesque show at least once in your life, preferably one of Dita Von Teese. Here are our 3 reasons why:

  • # 1 : Be ready to have one of the best night in a long time;

  • This is the true definition of entertainment. Get ready to lose track of time and era, because for a moment you will feel like you are in an old-school theater in the 50’s.

    One of the most Entertaining and Hilarious Host, Jonny McGovern knows how to create an ambiance, how to use a fan and even how to sing. We almost wish we could have a whole evening with him.

    A post shared by ZELIA ROSE (@zeliarose) on


    Athletic & truly talented dancers, of course there's more lasive danses, but some numbers really need skilled dancers. From splits to ballet pauses, Dita Von Teese’s “Vontourage” Alek Palinksi  & Elio Martinez and the Gorgeous Zelia Rose will charm you with their prowess.


    A post shared by Jett Adore (@jettadore) on

    Different scenes and stories behind every pieces, the narratives are well crafted and coherent with the burlesque era. We kinda have a crush on the Zoro Scene with the talented and gorgeous Jettadore (of course we LOVE the name as well).

    # 2: The Artistic direction is simply astonishing. The decors are splendid, the props are gorgeous and of course the lingerie is to die for.

    A post shared by Dita Von Teese (@ditavonteese) on

    Every movement is thought of, every piece is a dedication to the Art of Burlesque. From the giant heart pieces, where Ginger Valentine seduces us, to the famous martini glass, you can feel the dedication of the Burlesque community. (On that note, a quick hello to the Montréal Burlesque Community who were there yesterday, you were all so damn glamorous!)


    A post shared by Dita Von Teese (@ditavonteese) on

    SPARKLES EVERYWHERE, did you ever see a chicken covered in crystals next to a pink mechanical bull? It’s the definition of Perfection.


    A post shared by Dita Von Teese (@ditavonteese) on

    The art of “ effeuillage” is truly an art, indeed. Timing, looks and the handling of feathers fan will mesmerize you. Every movement is studied and timed to create a fascinating scene that will reveal only what the dancer intends to reveal. In our days and age, it’s a real challenge to keep people off their phones for 5 minutes, let alone keep them captivated for 2 full hours. Challenge : Accomplish.

    # 3: Sensuality at its best; Curves, Music, dimmed lights, and the most gorgeous lingerie and DIVERSITY

    One of our biggest complaint against the “adult” industry is that their definition of sexy is “ a 20 something skinny white female”. The Art of Teese shattered this stereotype with 2 things:


    The incredible scene performed by the “Queen of Burlesque”, as Dita Von Teese calls her, the famous Dirty Martini. Using at its best all her curves and her whole body, Miss Martini charmed us with her grace, her nipple-tassle skills and her gorgeous poney.


    A post shared by Dita Von Teese (@ditavonteese) on

    The cast is from all-over the world and comes in all shades and shapes. From USA to Australia this talented cast passion for burlesque is without borders.

    More importantly, we love what the show stands for : being comfortable in your own skin and owning you sensuality like a real queen.

    Did you know? The Art of Teese is inspired of the show she created for the world famous Crazy Horse in Paris !

    Thank you for taking the time to read our review! Let us know what you thought of the show if you attended!

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