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How to easily clean your sex toys

by Ariane Fortin 1 comment

Tips and tricks to clean your favorite sex toys!

The Covid 19 crisis made a lot of people aware of the importance of having clean surfaces, free of viruses and bacterias. This is why we are taking this opportunity to talk about the best techniques you can use to clean your sex toys. 

As you may know, one of the core value at Désirables is hygiene and health. So we obviously think that using a clean toy, especially the ones you insert, is crucial. It will help prevent UTIs, vaginitis and even STI transmission, but your toys must be made from a material that is easy to clean. 

Indeed, the ease with which you will be able to clean a sex toy depends a lot on the material that it is made of. Materials like ‘’jello’’ rubber, cyberskin and PVC are porous and therefore, do not really allow for a deep cleaning. If you are interested in the subject of sex toys materials, make sure to read our blog post: How to choose the right material for your sex toy.

If you are wondering How to Choose the Right Sex Toy for YOU, click here!

Without further ado, here is a list of cleaning techniques for your porcelain Dalia and other toys; from a simple wash to sterilization.

 Quick Wash icon

Quick Wash 

Wash your toy with a mild fragrance-free hand soap and rinse abundantly to make sure there is no soap residue left. Let it air dry. 

Icon sex toy spray cleaner

Toy Cleaner

If you already have a toy cleaner, in the form of a spray or wipes, you can use this method without worry on porcelain. Make sure to always have the right type of cleaner for your sex toys material, because some materials may degrade if you use an oil-based cleaner.   

Good to know: you can use your menstrual cup cleaner for your sex toys and vice versa! 

icon - boiling water in a pot

‘’Boiled egg’’ Method

Toys made from pyrex, medical grade silicone, stainless steel and porcelain can be boiled for a more thorough cleaning. Simply put your toys in a pot of cold water and boil for 5 minutes. Allow some time for your toy to cool down before picking it up!

 icon - oven sterilize

‘’Mason jar’’ Method

Usually used to ensure that mason jars are free of bacteria, the oven sterilization method can also be applied to toys made from porcelain, stainless steel and pyrex. Place your toy in the oven at 275०C for 20 minutes. Let your oven return to room temperature before picking it up so as not to burn yourself.

 icon - storage bag


Everytime after you clean your toy, make sure to store it in its pouch or box. This will insure that it will be ready to go for your next pleasure session. 

So stay home, stay safe and keep your toys clean! 


More resources:

Come as You Are is a coop sex shop based in Ontario who also have a great guide for cleaning your toys according to the type of material it’s made from. Click here to read more!

For an another very detailed article on How to clean your toy, click here



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1 comment

26 Aug 2021 Zhana Wells
Hello Ariane, This blog is very informative. We need to be careful about covid as its upgrading day by day.

Thanks for sharing such an interesting article. The cleaning of sex toys is important before oral sex. When you know how to clean sex toys, your sex toys will be in good condition year long.

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