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10 Tips to Reduce Period Pain

by Ariane Fortin 0 Comments

Almost half of the world's population have to deal with it every month and for the most part it is not a pleasant experience

That's why, we want to help you focus on self-care during your periods rather than on the negatives.

So we thought we would share 10 easy tips to reduce PMS pain!

    1. Up your potassium intake 🍌

      A week before your period, make sure to increase your intake of potassium, this will help to reduce muscular contraction. You can find a high level of potassium in food such as bananas, chia seeds, cooked white beans or squash and in many others.

    2. Keep Clear of Fast Food 🍔

      Even if you crave it! The high amount of salt and sugar will increase water retention and therefore muscular pain.

    3. Increase Your Water Consumption 💧

      Your cramps will be worst if you are dehydrated. So make sure to keep that glass of water close by.

    4. Stay Away From Coffee ☕

      And not only coffee, but any caffeine-filled beverage. Unfortunately, it will likely create muscular inflammation and subsequently increase your cramps. This is said to be linked to an increase in estrogen levels, which can make your PMS symptoms worse. You can also eat more dishes with ginger, lemon, tomatoes and leafy greens since they are known as anti-inflammatory foods (meaning they'll reduce inflammation in your body).

    5. Be Active 🧘

      We particularly enjoy a good yoga session during our period for an extra self-care moment. This will help to increase your blood flow, relax your muscles and reduce the pain. You can check out this great video by Yoga by Adrienne!

    6. Take a Hot Bath 🛀

      Or treat yourself to a heating pad (around 15$ - a small investment that will do a lot of good)! Either way, put some warmth onto the painful region. 

    7. Massage the Lower ¨Portion of Your Back 💆

      A lot of people experience lower back pain during their periods because of the contractions occurring in the uterus. These contractions can sometimes be so intense that they constrict the blood flow of regions near the uterus, resulting in pain. So, as with the previous two tips, relaxation is key as it will help your blood flow. You can try our Adori massage stones for extra pressure! Or you can even use a soothing oil to help relieve some of the pain.

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  2. 8. Make Use of Your Pressure Points 🤲

    Massaging your pressure points will have your brain send a signal similar to pain toward the area. If you are simultaneously having cramps, your brain will split the ''pain message'' in two, reducing the pain you are feeling from your cramps. Take it from someone who gave birth - it does help a little!

  3. 9. Use your Dalia for Internal Massage ❤️

    You can even use our porcelain dildo to reduce the pain from cramps. Use the rounded tip to gently perform an internal massage, relax your muscles and get the blood flow going.

  4. 10. Bring in the Big O 💦

    Last but not least, if you are feeling up for it, period sex - with or without a partner - is a good way to reduce pain. During an orgasm, the blood flow increases in the pelvic areaThis helps to release the cramps, because it brings more oxygen to this specific region. At the same time, your uterine muscles will contract and the brain will release chemicals that are known as natural pain relievers: Endorphins. 


There you go, these are our 10 tips to help reduce menstrual pain. Do you have other tips you would like to share with your fellow uterus's owner?

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