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Our Top 10 - Women Owned Sex Positive Businesses

by Ariane Fortin 0 Comments

Always on the look out for awesome people who want to make a positive difference in people's lifeDiscover 10 women owned sex positive companies that, like us, want to change the world by giving women more power over their sexuality by creating great products.



Perhaps you already know about the fabulous brand that is Crave, perhaps not, either way this company HAD to be on our list of women-owned sex positive businesses. Founded in 2010 by industrial designer Ti Chang, Crave was created to elevate the looks of sex toys and start a conversation about sexual pleasure - much like Désirables’ own motivations! They are one of the pioneer woman-own companies in the land of sexual wellness and woman empowerment through sexuality. We absolutely love their well thought designs especially the Vesper, which is probably their most iconic toy – it’s a discreet and powerful vibrator that you can wear around your neck just like a necklace. Crave is one of the only company out there to use the aesthetic universe (semantique) of jewels for their toys. And they do it quite well we must add.




Dame Products was co-founded in 2014 by Alex Fine (sexologist) and Janet Lieberman (engineer) with the aim to close the pleasure gap through well-engineered toys, but also to eliminate the stigmatization of female pleasure and the conversation around it. Their first product: the Eva, a couples’ vibrator, was launched in 2015 through a crowded funding campaign on Indiegogo which raised over 500 000$ - Yay for people believing in amazing projects! Their products are well designed, sex positive and well-thought for all kind of pleasure play.




This company of amazing women started its journey in a tiny appartment in NYC with the goal to change how people explore and enjoy their sexuality! They have an online shop and a magazine and they ''believe in the radical possibilities of pleasure and that we are better when we, ahemcome together.'' Make sure to explore their colorful universe of sex positivity and pleasure!



Are your texts filled with emojis, do you feel like they convey what you mean better than words sometimes? Well, guess what the Emojibator company does - that’s right - vibrators that looks like emojis! Their most famous one is probably the eggplant vibrator, which is quite à propos in our opinion. The founders created these quirky vibrators, because they believe humour combined with education is a good way to destigmatize and bring about awareness regarding sex positivity and pleasure, but here they mainly focused on female pleasure. Reducing the pleasure gap one emoji at a time! 




5th House is an artistic platform for all things erotica bridging the worlds of sex and fine crafts. Highly curated products from sex toys, to  lingerie, erotic art and accessories, this indie store is an ode to all things beautiful in the realm of sexual pleasure. The three women behind the success of 5th House advocate self-care, sexual wellness and wellbeing. They also believe in the Maker Movement which is reflected in their store through the products they sell. Every piece being intimately created with intention. We definitely feel a connection to their commitment to the maker movement, since we share the same passion!




This company was launched back in 2006 in Barcelona and has since expanded its reach world wide! Bijoux Indiscrets offers to its clients a vast array of high end sensual accessories, lingerie, erotic cosmetics and intimate toys. All products created by women for women. We love the intimate world created by the brand’s identity that makes you want to put on your best blindfold, handcuffs and pasties for a night filled with candle lights and pleasures.




Any moms with newborns or moms to be in the room? Elvie might be of great interest to you! This company created two products one is a Kegel exerciser (Elvie Trainer) for stronger pelvic floor meaning: better bladder control, faster postnatal recovery and enhanced intimacy. The other one is a wearable breast pump - the Elvie Pump! It fits in your bra, is silent and lets you pump at your convenience without the hassle of cords. Only downside, it’s currently only sold in the UK (on their website, but you can find their products through other retailers). But they do have plans in the near future to bring their products to mamas around the globe.




Lioness is the first smart vibrator made for women (and people with vaginas) by women that helps you to self-experiment and discover what gets you going! This vibrator will help you track, through data analysis, what arouses you more, hence helping you to better understand how to reach orgasms. This empowering device is designed to help women gain awareness about their sexual pleasure, which the Lioness founders believe will help with self-confidence, relationships, intimacy, and health in general!




Erika Lust is an indie erotic filmmaker who wishes to offer an alternative to mainstream porn. She came onto the scene of porn in 2004 with her first film: The Good Girl, since then her Ted Talk: It’s Time for Porn to Change gave her the notoriety she deserved and her project the XConfessions established her worldwide as a great filmmaker and director. If you feel like trying something different, make sure to check out her erotic films which brilliantly merges eroticism, desire, the female gaze, sex positivity and sensuality.




Last but not least on our list is Lovability Inc, a company created by Tiffany Gaines that makes 100% natural condoms from vegan latex and infused aloe silicone lubricant. So, no toxic chemicals! They have a great energy, give back to charities and like most businesses on our list they believe sexual confidence is the way to self empowerment and that equality in the bedroom is as important as equality in society.  




Special Mention to:

  • Lora DiCarlo - Created one the first to use micro-robotics and biomimicry in her product, and for bringing our daily fights into the light by showing the world the double standard that we have to live with everyday when she was awarded then lost her CES Awards.
  • Cindy Gallop - Make Love Not Porn. This marketing jedi is one of the first to start the discussion in the public space about female sexuality.
  • Désirables - If you didn't know, we are also a woman-founded and run business! Click here to learn more about our story and values and discover our famous g-spot porcelain dildo.


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