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7 Vegan and Montreal Made Gift Ideas

by Ariane Fortin 0 Comments

Are you looking for unique gift ideas for your partner, significant other or yourself that are vegan and locally made (in Montreal)?

Désirables prepared a pretty little list with seven gift ideas - perfect for the Holiday season!

Price Range :

  • 25$ and less $
  • 30$ to 50$ $$
  • 50$ and more $$$


Désirables Massage Candle ($$)

Our first pick had to be our very own vegan massage candle. Not only will it provide a romantic ambiance with citrus scents, this candle will melt into a sensual massage oil. Made from the best vegan ingredients we could find, this soy candle will be perfect under the Christmas tree or has a Secret Santa gift with over 30 hours of burning time!

To get our vegan massage candle, click here!

Vegan Soy Wax Massage Candle by Désirables

Dry Shampoo - Ceramic Bottle from Pépin ($$$)

 We are (obviously) big porcelain fan, so we absolutely wanted to put this vegan dry shampoo by Pépin on our list, because it comes in its very own handmade ceramic bottle! First of all, the design of the bottle is gorgeous, but second of all it will push back the task of washing ones hair for a couple of days. This is the kind of two for one that we LO-VE.

To discover the dry shampoo, click here!


 VOTH Soap- 7 Deadly Soap ($)

We met the company’s founder back in 2016 at the Souk @ Sat and, since then, we fell head over heels for their products. Handmade in Montreal, these vegan soaps are the true definition of luxury goods within a body product! For a more exciting experience, you should definitely get the VOTH soap - Aphrodisiac Sacred Apple, which will sharpen your senses.

To get the VOTH soap, click here!



 FITZ Vegan Leather Card Holder  - Miljours ($$$)

We will set aside body products for a bit to talk to you about the splendid FITZ card holder made from vegetable tanned leather by MilJours. This company promotes the ‘’slow made’’ movement, which we definitely are a part and proud of. Perfect for the person in your life that you want to treat, this card holder will certainly make them happy this Holiday season!  

To know more about the FITZ, click here!



 Bunch Necklace in Ruby Slippers ($$$)

Did you hear about the fabulous brand that is Gré? This Montreal jewelry company creates exquisite pieces that are completely unique. Yes, you heard right! Each piece is one-of-a-kind, meaning it makes for quite the special gift. Plus everything is handmade and the creator makes sure all her materials are sustainably sourced and cruelty-free (no pearls, silk or wool ). LOVE

To know more about the Gré, click here!



Candles by Moonday ($)

Moonday is pretty new on the Montreal scene, but they grew quite fast. That's not a suprise when you get to experience their awesome candles! Launching new scents often and even offering a DIY kit, you will be sure to find the perfect match.

Discover their candle collection, click here!

Désirables Massage Oil ($$)

Our last suggestion is none other than a Désirables’ product that you will be able to pair with our massage candle! That’s right, our organic vegan massage oil and candle are made from the same essential oils. This means their scents are a perfect match and can create a completely intoxicating sensory experience, through which you will be able to relax and treat your loved one (Added Bonus: you can use it just like a body oil, because of its fast absorbing, non-greasy qualities!)

To get our massage oil, click here!

Organic Massage Oil by Désirables


 Anything else we should add to our list?

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