Local luxuries to put under the Christmas tree!

December 05, 2017

Local luxuries to put under the Christmas tree!

Sometimes, it’s really fun to give a little something luxurious to someone we love (or to ourselves #treatyoself). Here is a list containing eight affordable luxury ideas to properly celebrate during the Holiday Seasons!


Marble Dalia by Désirables

We couldn’t come up with a luxurious gift list without mentioning our Limited Marble Edition of the Dalia - SO classy!  This unique porcelain dildo with a marble finish is only available during the Holiday Season and will definitely add some spice to your bedroom. A very intimate gift to put under the tree, indeed.

Click here to give the Limited Marble Edition!



Rachel boots by Maguire

New boots made their way onto the Montreal winter fashion scene and we simply adore them! The Rachel boots by the company Maguire are made for Quebec’s rough winters and are entirely made in Montreal. Definitely an investment that will keep your feet warm without giving up on style. (But you should hurry, these are available in a limited quantity only!)

Click here to discover the Rachel Boots by Maguire



 Cidre de glace pétillant by Domaine Pinnacle

Nothing (or almost) is better than a gift you can share with your loved one! That’s why this sparkling ice cider by Domaine Pinnacle with its spicy and fruity aromas made our list. A little sparkling luxury to enjoy a nice evening with some? Yes please!

Click here to find a cider near you!

On a étiqueté notre cidre de glace Domaine Pinnacle mousseux aujourd’hui! #cidredomainepinnacle

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Denise Water by Jarre

These products are definitely gifts that will amaze the person who receives them. Jarre’s creations are made from ceramic and combines sustainable usability with a minimalist aesthetic.  We suggest that you have a look at the Denise Water, a container that lets you keep your fruits and vegetables outside of the fridge; fresh and for a longer time thanks to the magic of water and ceramic. We are big fans of Jarre’s products since the beginning, especially because of how unique and inspiring they are. Did you know they won many design awards in Montreal?

Discover the Denise Water by Jarre!



 Jewelry by Gabrielle Desmarais

 Gabrielle Desmarais’ jewels are created in details and finesse in materials such as gold, rose gold and sterling silver. These jewels stands out because of their geometrical shapes that gives them a very elegant and simple look that will go well with pretty much any kind of outfit.  Gabrielle became a friend, after spending many days with her at the Souk @ Sat, and yes, we did get a couple of pieces for ourselves. Definitely a fine luxury to put under the Christmas tree!

Discover Gabrielle Desmarais’ multiple jewels collections


 Whiskey Stones by Lithologie

Here is a gift idea that will please both men and women… Lithologie’s whiskey stones! 100% from Quebec’s province, these stones are carefully selected for their ability to keep cold and their quality is usually much higher than what you can find elsewhere. The packaging is gorgeous and the story of the stone is told inside, you can tell the founder has a passion for design. To get even more luxurious, pair the whiskey stones with a scotch or whiskey!
Click here to discover Lithologies’ whiskey stones!



 Unique tableware creations by Arik de Vienne

You probably know by now that we love porcelain and ceramic. Throughout Désirables’ years we have developed many relationships with several Montreal’s ceramists. Arik de Vienne is one of our regular collaborators who works with us in all our special projects. He often creates unique tableware pieces and our favorite is probably his gold plated espresso glasses  
You can check out his creations on Épices de Cru store!



Complete Experience Gift Box by Désirables

If you want to offer something luxurious to your loved one, why not go all out with porcelain and give our Complete Experience Gift Box! It combines our classic Dalia with our Adori porcelain massage stones and will allow you to discover your body in a very sensual way. This unique gift box will certainly stand out from the other gifts this Holiday Season!

Give the Complete Experience Gift Box!



Anything else we should add to our list?

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