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How to Reduce Endometriosis Pain

by Ariane Fortin 0 Comments

Did you know, March is Endometriosis Awareness Month? With the aim of putting forward this little-known disease, we talked with two women who suffer from endometriosis about how they live with it and how they manage their pain.

If you do not know this disease which affects 1 in 10 women, we suggest you read our blog post: What is endometriosis?

Using the Dalia and Managing Pain

The two women we spoke with are clients of Désirables and we asked them if they would be so kind as to share their experience of this disease with our community, as well as their use of the Dalia. After using our internal massager both women noticed an improvement in the pain they felt.

M. tells us that: ‘’Using the Dalia really allowed me to relax my pelvic floor. When it comes to endometriosis, it is mostly at this level that the tensions and sharp pains are stronger, at least in my case! The Dalia allows me to have a better awareness of my body, of my pains, of my tensions. That being said, my cervix is swollen so I can't use it to its full potential. But it helps me a lot to relax.’’

The Dalia is an internal massager that was designed with the vagina in mind, it is therefore not surprising that it is effective to reduce the pain and tensions in the pelvic floor. J. explains how she uses the Dalia during her internal massages:

  • 90 degree rotation for each internal wall
  • series of compressions lasting 10 seconds and 6 repetitions (reps) for each wall

For her part, M. decided to combine the Dalia with her regular exercise regimen to reduce tensions, because it allowed her to better understand each exercise as well as progress more effectively. Her exercises consist of tightening the internal muscles (as much as possible) and then loosening them (as much as possible), all as quickly as possible. ‘’The important part is to listen to yourself. The goal is to do these exercises mindfully, this way you will truly get the most out of them.’’ 

⚠️ Note that the exercises that each woman does are specifically recommended to them by a physical therapist. We suggest that you consult a pelvic health specialist if you want to start these kinds of treatments at home.

If you are looking for a physiotherapist specializing in pelvic health in Canada (also called perineal health), we recommend to use the Womens Health CPA's Website which will allow you to search per specialty and region. The health care providers at Pelvi-Santé’s clinic in Brossard (QC) are also familiar with the Dalia.

For our readers in the US, you can use the APTA registery or the Pelvic Rehab's website to find a specialist near you.


How Dalia’s shape can help Endo Warriors?

J: ‘’I believe that the shape is particularly well made, it will firmly reach the right areas. The diameter is perfect too, it's hard to find the right size, it's often too small, or just a little too big but the Dalia is perfect for me. Same thing for the G-spot, it's really well designed.’’

➡️ Good to know: the Dalia is hypoallergenic and biocompatible, by choosing our classic Dalia you are sure to choose a product that won’t create more inflammation.

 Dalia's technical dimensions

Advices from J. and M. to manage endometriosis’ pain

Move with low impact 🧘

  • To do yoga helps TREMENDOUSLY, says J. 
  • Do pilates exercises, they are very focused on the pelvis and its mobility which helps to amplify the movements as well
  • Do pelvic floor exercises (releasing tension and building muscle with kegels)

External massages 💆

  • Get a good massage therapist
  • Use muscle massage tools to help the lower back and along the thighs
  • Use thigh rollers and bandages, as well as a ball with spikes to roll under your foot during pain attacks

M. also mentions that : Anything that works on pressure points makes a phenomenal difference! I also use a small ball and the roller on my lower back to massage pressure points, lengthen the spine and open my pelvis when the pain radiates too strongly.’’

Food 🥬

  • A lot of fresh fruits and veggies
  • Have a good breakfast and a smaller diner, it can help with bloating
  • Take food that is anti-inflammatory (ginger, green tea, lemons, berries, avocados, salmon, and more) and avoid gluten, dairy products, sugar and caffeine

More tips to try 💡

  • Don’t wait to go to the bathroom, this might help you a lot
  • Take a hot bath
  • M.: ‘’Perineal physiotherapy can go a long way in helping to restore and relax muscles, as well as tension.’’
  • Take dienogest (a progestin*) J.: "which is my daily armor against pain, without this medication I can’t function."

What is progestin? 

Dienogest belongs to the class of medication called progestins, which works like progesterones in the body. Progesterones are female hormones. They are produced by the body and are necessary, along with certain other hormones, for proper female sexual development and regulation of the menstrual cycle during fertile years (men also have progesterones, but in lower levels).

Progestins reduce the effects of estrogen on tissues such as the endometrium (lining of the uterus) and the breast. By reducing the growing effect of estrogen on the endometrium, dienogest helps reduce pelvic pain experienced by women with endometriosis.

Source: Ressource sante Salut Bonjour


A last word of advice from J. and M.

💛 J.: ''Dare to speak about it, this disease or this condition is not taboo. Let your loved ones know what it is! It has helped me live better with endometriosis and to feel less guilty about having pains during interourse, because my spouse has a better understanding of what I’m living with.’’

💛 M.: ‘’The best advice is rigor in the exercises, self-indulgence and patience!’’

A big thank you to J. and M. for sharing their experience with us about endometriosis and their precious advice. Make sure to consult a healthcare provider if you believe you are living with this disease.

Here are some resources regarding endometriosis:

👉 Click here to get your Dalia. 

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