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Top 10 Artsy - Sexy Instagram Account

by Isabelle Deslauriers 0 Comments

Feminist Art on Instagram we Love!

As you probably already know, our team is always inspired by art in various forms. We wanted to share our favorites Instagram accounts with you.

1. @lesfoliespassageres

A big fan of the Queer movement, the artist Maude Bergeron tackles several topics such as anxiety, feminism, consent, masturbation through her illustrations and texts. Behind her pencil strokes we can find reflections about the archaic patriarchal society.

You can even buy her art as prints, notebook, pins and bookmarks, right here.

2. @veeillustration


Simple and beautiful pin ups are all over this artist's Instagram. We love the thematic pin ups from Christmas to Halloween. 

3. @petite_boheme 

Petite Bohème presents drawings of her vision of the woman. Whether it is portraits of women, eroticism or body language, her art is assumed and without concessions. She is a feminist who expresses the reality and beauty of women today.

4. @plaisant.plaisir

Beautiful words, no censorship and fine sensuality, Plaisant Plaisir makes us travel with her simple words and features, but oh so striking!


5. @hdevoucoux

Hugo Devoucoux offers sensual and thoughtful illustrations. Pastel and bright colors depict sports activities on bodies, interactions and intimate moments between humans and their environments.

6. @anyaleeart

Anya-Lee draws black lines on a pink background to pass a clear message, that of acceptance of oneself and one's body. Femininity and delicacy through her prints recall the strength and beauty of women, in all their forms.

7. @sb_illustrations

Stéphanie Buquet illustrates female sexuality from all its angles. From the elegance behind simple gestures to the simplicity of the body, we find ourselves through the richness of her strokes.

8. @bonfemmes

An account that celebrates the talent of many women by sharing their art. Whether it is illustrations, paintings or collages, those women highlight the beauty of the body and femininity in different aspects.

9. @agathesorlet

Filled with romantic sketches but with a sensual touch that will make you smile. Behind her pen, Agathe Sorlet depicts her simple and charming positive view.


10. @potyertitsawayluv

With the mission to celebrate and normalize the woman’s body, Emma works pottery and illustration. Breasts and curves are at the forefront of her various works, which reminds us that diversity is what brings us together.

Don't hesitate to share with us your favorite artsy accounts in the comments below!

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